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Malls of Future Never

Most malls need to be built, and exist for usually at least a decade before they die and get demolished or redeveloped. Many, however, don't even make it that far.
Never-Built Malls by State

Mall Directories

Mall directories re-formatted and cleaned up by yours truly. For reference, Orange = Vacancy, Blue = Backrooms/etc

A Directory of Directories


Tables! Information! Photos! Rambling! Blackjack! Hookers! Okay, not that last one. and that other one only on alternating Saturdays.

Shopping Carts

Florida Grocery Stores

Former Winn-Dixie Locations (including SaveRite, Fresco y Mas, and Harvey's)
Lucky's Market locations

Florida Drug Stores

Revco Locations
Gray Drugs Locations
Rexall Drugs locations
Eckerd Pharmacy locations

Florida Restaurant Chains

Former Baskin-Robbins locations

Other Florida Retailers

Luria's locations


Other Adventures (if you have a boring definition of "adventure")

Kids R Us, up in lights
Everyone's got a hand in vinyl...

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